Rushlake Green Village Leaf

Green Shoots February 2016

For the diary . . .
9th February - Shrove Tuesday
27th March - Easter Day
12th June - Big Lunch / Queen's 90th (info to follow)
30th July - Rushlake Green Flower Show
19-28th August - Little Arts festival on Rushlake Green
29th  August - Le Marche Heathfield

Shrove Tuesday - the Stores has all the right ingredients

Whether it's Shrove Tuesday, apres shrove Wednesday, Crepe Thursday or drop scone Friday, there's never been a batter day to get your pancake ingredients at The Stores, Rushlake Green.


A little festival with a big heart

The Village Leaf is pleased to help spread the word about the first festival of its kind, for our local communities. The Little Arts festival team have just sent out their latest newsletter, and started publicising the festival dates. And with more than 30 activities already proposed for the week of the festival, the programme promises to include something for everyone:
- Music gigs
- Theatrical productions 
- Poetry projects and cafes
- Art shows
- Classical recitals
- Film awards and screenings
- Dance events
- Workshops, talks and walks

Anyone can be a part of the festival so if you'd like to get involved, or have some ideas you'd like to contribute, talk to a member of the organising team - Chris Liddiard (founder), Sophie Douglas, Ian Collett, Louise Philps and Nigel McKeeman - or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   And if you'd like to support the festival by becoming a Friend of the Festival, getting regular updates and news of the programme as it comes together, email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

As their newsletter says, the Little Festival is Big on community involvement. So the aim will be to involve as many as possible of the local arts groups and arts enthusiasts. Amongst those already signed up are the Village Players, the Warbleton Brass Band, Pastores Ensemble, White Horse Folk Club, Downland Poets,  Warbleton History Group, and many others.Many groups and individuals are already hard at work preparing their contribution to the festival programme:

Members of the Village Players trying out scripts for a Rushlake Green first, at the Little Festival.


Our Post Office - we fought for it's return, let's make sure we keep it

There was widespread concern when for a while we lost our Post Office. But now its back it's easy to take it for granted. We're all grateful to Rohani for doing such a splendid job, but let's try hard to use it, and encourage our friends to use it, as much as possible. Here's a reminder of just some of the things we can do at our local Post Office in addition to the usual postal services:
- Post Office card account (no frills account)
- Cash deposits & withdrwals with chip and pin
- Postal Orders
- Moneygram
- Electronic Bill Payments
- e top-ups
- Travel money pre-order service
- Fishling licences
- the Health Lottery

We were also interested to discover that our Post Office provides a parcel collection service for Amazon. If you order something online, but don't want to stay at home waiting for it to be delivered, you can tick a box to indicate that you'd like it delivered to the Rushlake Green Post Office then just collect it at your leisure. Likewise, the Post Office can handle any Amazon returns for you. Of course we'd recommend you use local traders wherever possible, but if you have to order online - this Post Office collection service certainly removes a lot of the hassle.