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The Little Arts Festival on Rushlake Green

The story - Chapter 1 - the original idea


The idea was simple. Why not expand the annual village ‘Art on the Green’ into a week of activities involving theatre, music and other arts. The idea quickly gathered momentum, with immediate support from everyone who heard about it. We decided to call the project the ‘Little Arts Festival’ because we believe it should be friendly and informal so that everyone living locally feels able to take part.

The plan is to hold the festival at the end of August 2016, but we want it to be something that starts much earlier, so that lots of local people can get involved in strands that culminate in the event. And when we say ‘local’ to Rushlake Green we mean Bodle Street Green, Dallington, Three Cups Corner, Turners Green, Punnetts Town, Chapel Cross, Cade Street, Old Heathfield, Vines Cross, Horam, Cowbeech and well beyond.

We want everyone to have an opportunity to feel part of the project from the start, so we are inviting you to become a 'Friend' of the Little Arts Festival on Rushlake Green. We would also love it if you could do our Little Survey, so that we can find out what you’d like in a festival, and whether you might like to volunteer some time.

The idea is to encompass the ‘Arts’ in the widest possible sense, including all genres of visual arts, drama, music, dance, making things, poetry, literature, film, digital media and anything else people can dream up. To achieve this we are involving all the ‘arts’ groups and enthusiasts that already exist locally, and we will actively encourage the participation of young people by working with our local schools and colleges. We are holding a couple of kick-off Forum meetings to share ideas and discover what people can contribute, and perhaps how those in different disciplines of the arts might work creatively together in new and stimulating ways.

Please, whatever your interest, fill out one of our little surveys so that we can find out what you think, what you’d like, and how you’d like to be a part of this exciting (little) community project. And if you or your local group can become active contributors to our festival, through any aspect of the arts, we would be love that.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Nigel McKeeman – September 2015

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