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Birdlife Summer 2015

Summer in Rushlake Green

I have just fed my first black bird meal worms in over a week. Most of our 9 male/female birds have left for the woods. It is their moult so we probably won’t see much of them at all, if anything  until the Autumn. We have dropped down from 5 boxes of live mealworms to just 2, and next week to 1 box. A garden without blackbirds is pretty grim to us.
The sad news I have is that our Billy ( tame  black bird)  got knocked by a car on 9th of June and died, I would think instantly. When they are foraging in the hedgerows they fly out so low across the roads that it is almost impossible to miss them. I was inconsolable, as Billy was so special to us. He was a fantastic dad to all of his offspring, ( which he had many over 2 years)  as well as my chirpy little friend who kept me company in our garden room on many occasions. Once I found him sitting on the wood burner, complaining of the lack of mealworms! His son from last year produced 2 beautiful females this year. One of which was as bossy as her granddad was !. She has stayed in the flower border most of the time until last Saturday. Sadly, we have not seen her since and worry that the sparrow hawk may have grabbed her as he was around  on  Sunday . I pray not. Her sibling was timid and flies off at any movement so  only  feed’s  if the garden is quiet. We will wait to see if she stays with us for winter.

We have had many baby sparrows this year. Not so many blue tits as last year and a few greenfinches, which some of had the disease  that was prone to them this spring. Goldfinches and chaffinches aplenty, the odd long tailed tits but no jenny wrens. A family of dunnocks in the border.   I have only 1 out of 4 of my adult robin’s left  but 2 of their offspring  are  still here. Their little breasts just turned to an orangey red. So  beautiful. The starlings have moved on at last and sadly the thrushes left us many months ago, as did the woodpeckers that I so hoped would nest with us again. Maybe next year.

We now have to concentrate on preparing for the autumn. I have noticed that the blue tits are eating the nuts again. I am starting to build up my store cupboard for hopefully a garden full of birds. I hate it so quiet! Just 1 ground feeder out instead of 4 that is hardly touched, only by sparrows. I guess I should make the most of it. Don’t forget to keep your water topped up as the weather is still warm. Autumn will be upon us before we know it so until then, enjoy the rest of your summer.

From Denise and Nick

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