Rushlake Green Village Leaf

BirdLife May 2015

May in Rushlake Green brings us Bill’s two beautiful babies all grown up! They are constantly coming to feed now. Bill seems very happy flitting about the woods and the trees singing most of the time. I suspect that he’ll be getting ready for his next brood. Watch this space! The four robins have obviously got babies as they are constantly taking mealworms off to feed them. We have the most beautiful baby robin with orangey red breast but full of dark flecks. He is a shy little thing. Not at all feisty like the others. He will have to toughen up to survive. Nick has spotted baby sparrows over the weekend. All fluffed up and wobbly! Very sweet.  We have baby siskins too - about three or four - who come to feed with their parents. The first day was so funny to watch them. Not quite sure what to do. Sticking their heads into the sunflower heart feeder, then suddenly getting to grips with pulling the hearts out to feed on. The nuthatches are in and out of the garden frequently. Nice to see them buzzing around. The woodpeckers too. Unfortunately the two thrushes we have had for the first time this winter have moved on. Very sad about that. The blue tits should be leaving the nest box shortly. The fledglings are like little balls of fluff and are comical to watch. They can’t land very easily and look at you through the window, if they make it to the window feeder. The garden has grown up so much now. It’s a haven for all of our birds.

Denise and Nick. May 2015.