Rushlake Green Village Leaf

Springwatch in Rushlake Green

Well, Spring has finally arrived! The birds are buzzing around collecting material for their nests. We already have Blue Tits that have claimed one of our five boxes. I pray that our camera box will be occupied this year. It is just so lovely watching them in the nest, being fed and snuggling down together to sleep. To be able to see them growing into adults and fledging their nest, making their own way in life. Scared for them and sad to see them go, but also fun.

I’m sure those of you that followed my summer diary last year will remember Billy my tame Blackbird. He is two this year and only left us for a short time during his mating period. Well he has his first brood already. One is possibly out of the nest, and learning to look after himself already. Billy has not brought him to us yet so presumably cannot fly quite yet. No doubt he will soon, which will be lovely. Last year we had all 6 broods slowly coming into the garden to feed on live mealworms. (We were up to six boxes a week!) What a lovely experience that was though.  We still have Charlie, one of his beautiful daughters and two sons around the garden to feed. I so hope they will stay around to nest and bring their babies to us - although Bill shoo’s the boys away! His wife is very protected when she gets off the nest to feed. Bill sits close by watching. She is still lovely after all those broods! Altogether we have 3 females + Bills wife and 4 males all breakfasting in the morning. After that they seem to dine at different times.

We have one of our last year’s Robins also feeding young, I think, or maybe his wife if she’s still sitting on the nest. Another pair come and go and we also have a sad looking single one that has been involved in a fight at some time as he has a mark under his right eye. I hope he has a wife or that he finds one.

Over these next few weeks we will see lots of action in our gardens, with birds flying around looking for new homes to nest in and bring up their young.  I trust you have helped them by taking down your nesting boxes to clean them.

We hope you have lots of fun watching them during this period. Will report the progress in our garden and would love to hear from you about yours in the near future.

All the best from Nick and Denise at 3 Byschool Cottages.