Rushlake Green Village Leaf

Bird Life July 2014

Further tales of Woody, Billy, Charlie, Sidney, Bobbin and Clucker

1st July. Nut Hatch this morning. Not seen him for a day or so. Woody early gathering nuts from the feeders. Bill came into the kitchen to find me for his breakfast as I hadn’t heard him call. Served immediately, he then fed his wife & Charlie who were waiting in the wings with another which I did not recognise ? Also Bertha’s boy Bobby down by the summerhouse waiting for Bill & family’s exit. A few young Starlings trying to muscle in. Not on your life screeches Bill. Exit Starlings and Bertha’s boy.

2nd July. Bill’s early for his meal worms & takes some away over Jenny’s direction. No please Bill not another brood!! Lots of baby Blue Tits today, Gold Finches swinging away on the sunflower seed feeders.1 Woody around.

3rd July. The air is awash with birdsong this morning. The sound is just beautiful. Billy decided to dive bomb me in the roses to let me know he had arrived for breakfast. Morning Bill. And he’s off, with a beak full of wriggly worms. Have had 5 other Blackbirds around today. One being Charlie who now gets shoo’d away with the others by Billy, letting them know that it’s his garden. Nick is upset by this as Charlie is still his favourite girl!

4th July. Lovely morning. Bill’s back & forth very quickly this morning. Think he must have another brood. This will be no. 5. Oh Bill how many more mouths to feed! We will look after you & yours as you have become such a huge part of our lives & bring us so much joy. 7 Blackbirds in the garden today. Think the words got round about live meal worms! How fantastic. Never had so many in the garden at once. Watch your patch Bill!. His wife has started to come every day, late afternoon/early evening for supper & a bath. She wont come up to get worms though as she’s too nervous so unless Bill’s here to feed her she just goes to the ground feeder. Think he must be on the nest at these times. Neither does she use the ‘french vessall’ so squashes herself into the old glazed pie dish. All the small birds love this dish as it has a rim around it so they can sit & drink very comfortably!.

5th July. Wet & windy. My  poor birds will have an unpleasant time. Bill’s been about 5 times in 5 minutes for mealworms. Thank goodness we are still having 4 boxes a week. Charlie here & Bills wife has come. Blue Tits Finches Bobbin & baby all here to eat. Very busy. Bill came with his wife, Charlie & Sidney AND a new baby. Beautiful . They are all eating together on the ground feeder. Very rare. A lovely sight.

6th July. Bill’s been several times taking back meal worms  for his new babies. Am slowly running out. Help! Bill will not be amused at this. Lots in the garden as usual. Bill’s come into the garden room as I tried to ignore him but he has a mean stare. It’s no good, will have to give him more.

7th July. Lots of action again in the garden. Bill’s been as usual. A lovely hot day & there baths are over flowing. Good job there’s plenty for them. Bill’s wife has made a few trips to bathe, then left swiftly. Bobbin is in and out of the ground feeder,as is the Garden Warbler who we haven’t seen for a few days. Lots of singing so I guess everyone is happy.

8th July. Oh dear not enough meal worms for them all today and it’s only Tuesday! Looks like Bill & Charlie will get the lion’s share and Bobbin will have any that are left, which probably means very little but he will eat dried ones. (my emergency box)  Sorry Bill you only have a few left so wait until later please. I don’t believe him. I’ve come down stairs to go to work to find Bill sitting on Nick’s desk! That stare! He looks like a stuffed bird. Ok Bill you win just 2 though. Nick tells me Bill has driven him nuts all day. In & out of the garden room till he shut the door & went out. Poor Bill. Tomorrow you will have plenty again.

9th July. Bill brought one of his new babies to us. A gorgeous dark brown with lovely markings. Sorry Bill you’ll have to wait whilst Nick does a dash to pick up the 4 boxes of  meal worms. If you let us know of your plans to have another brood Billy boy we would have been prepared!.  I’m off to work!. Later a very happy Bill, Bills baby and a very clucking Charlie were all fed. Well done Nick. All normal action resumed in the garden.

10th July. Wet start to the day. A very bedraggled Billy arrives at the door!. No sign of his new baby. He spends the next 20 mins back & forth feeding. Oh Bill you’re so wet bless you my gorgeous boy. What a fab dad is he. Haven’t seen ( or heard) Charlie today I guess she’s tucked up somewhere dry  in this wet weather. Woody’s braved the rain to come for nuts. The rain has stopped & the garden is alive once more with bird song. Lots of whizzing around like they’re catching up on lost time. Have counted 7 Blackbirds in the garden. Not sure who is who just now. Bill’s feeding his baby. I love to watch this. It is such a lovely sight. How lucky are we to witness this over & over again with our Bill. BUT Bill slow down now. Think you’ve done enough for the Blackbird population don’t you?. Mum Bobbin is here with baby Bobbin. It’s not looking so scruffy now so must be changing into adulthood. Making a casserole as it’s so miserable and             Bill hopped into the kitchen. Was chatting to him but as I started to brown the chicken he fled. Must have been the sizzling sound he disliked!.But he did leave me 3 little presents on the way. Not like our Bill! Garden Warbler around a lot. Not a pleasant night. Quiet in the garden. Bill came back for supper but didn’t stay long.

11th July. Wet & cold day. Bill, Charlie, Sidney & clucker all here together! An unusual sight. I heard Clucker coming. Such a noisey little thing but so pretty. All Bill’s babies have been beautiful. They are here several times during the day, as is Bobbin. Woody has put in a few appearances today. Must be the weather. Garden Warbler is in & out of the shrubs.

12th July. Much better weather today. Bill out & about with Clucker. Charlie around most of the day. Normal Blue tits/finches buzzing around & baby Bobbin in & out of the garden.

13th July. Lots of Blue tits & finches Still filling the garden with chatter. How they have grown. I wonder how many will stay around the garden when they are full grown. Bill came early this morning with Clucker & Sidney staying in the back ground. He’s learning his place and stays back more. Woody around and Garden Warbler.

14th July. Getting low on meal worms again. Will have to hide from Billy Boy tomorrow!. Thought he would have slowed down a bit by now after 5 broods. Bobsey here with eldest baby who watches me from the doorway to see if I will bring meal worms. Yes I do so he flies back to the ground feeder. Bill not around much tonight but I can hear his beautiful birdsong . I want to cry! Please keep safe my boy.

15th July. Bill very early today. I can remember my Darling Mum telling me ‘The early Bird catches the worm’ when I was a child. I thought of her when feeding Bill. There were no meal worms in those days. It would have been breadcrumbs, or my Dads bacon rind if it was a Sunday. Happy Days.

16th July. A beautiful morning. Bill’s wife here very early. She seems to do that and then disappear until late afternoon when she will eat & bathe before going back to the nest. Enter Billy! I’m here for meal worms to feed my babies please. Nick saw Charlie today when he got back with meal worms. He fed her then she flew off over the trees. Bill came back soon after and Clucker sunbathed on the edge of the lawn, spreading his wings right out. How sweet. Tonight I watched Bill fill his beak several times and fly over the fence between us & Carolin then drop down by the hedge. I Wonder if he’s brought one of his babies from the nest down there to feed? Must tell Nick to keep an eye on this!.

17th July. Busy in the garden. Lots of Finches.Bill brought new baby to the garden.Must be the one he was feeding behind the fence yesterday. Bill you have produced such beautiful babies. Another stunner!Charlie looking on in the background not daring to come too closely. Bill & baby come several times to eat. Clucker around.Bobbin in & out early evening with both babies.

18th July. Lots of birds today. Must say most of them are Billy’s off spring.The newest one is as ever sweet as all of them have been. He hides in the bushes until Bill is around bless him. Still lots of blue tits and finches. A new baby robbin !Mum’ the last baby & the new one here. Wonderful.

19th July. All usual birds. The new baby Bobbin is very noticeable with his elder sibling. Bill & his brood here with Clucker in & out of the shrubs pecking away.

20th July. Lovely morning. Bill’s here last today. His brood already here for breakfast. He is starting to go through the malt which means he will leave us for a while. Make sure you come back to us my Billy boy. You have become such a huge part of our life.

21st July. Another lovely morning. Bill’s been for breakfast, along with Clucker. Nut Hatch has appeared today. Not seen the Woodpecker for a few day’s. Perhaps it’s too hot for them. Thought I saw a couple of baby Blue tits in the Cherry tree but think it’s a bit late for another brood.

22nd July. Bill is sitting on the table outside staring in at me. Oh, morning Bill. Am I late? It is my day off so forgive me if you please! First proper one in 3 weeks. The Garden Warbler is quietly going about his business as he does. Such a lovely little thing. He reminds me of my Ginny Wren the way he appears & moves so quietly. I still miss her. Wonder if she had any babies. Bill’s latest baby comes creeping up through the shrubs to the ground feeder for his breakfast. Pretty little thing. Bill you surely have had beautiful broods. There seems to be a lot of green finches this morning all fighting for the sunflower hearts. Don’t know why there are so many. Normally it’s the Gold finches. No Clucker today.

23rd July. Bill’s still taking worms to his young,which is a bit of a surprise OH NO BILL PLEASE DON’T SAY YOU’VE HAD MORE BABIES ! Not much else happening today. Quietest it’s been for months.

24th July. Bill here 6.30am & taken 2 lots of worms within seconds. Woody is up & down the fence making a rather loud noise. What is that for Woody? No Clucker again this morning. Bill back at supper time.

25th July. Beautiful morning again. Perfect weather for the Flower Show tomorrow. Fingers crossed. I miss not having a stall this year after 6years, but am a volunteer. That cheeky Billy came up the garden room roof to the bathroom window to scald me for not putting his breakfast out! Yes Bill I DO know what time it is. Sorry am running a little late this morning. Nut Hatch here & Woody. Bill comes back with his baby for more meal worms. Still no Clucker.

26th July. Weather looking good for the show. Thank you God. Bill around early. Topped up every feeder to the brim. Have come back (1.30pm) to find Bill waiting under the Camellia tree in the front garden so I fetched the meal worms & gave him a big hand full to keep him going & to my surprise & delight he called to his baby & out from the hedge came this pretty little thing. As gorgeous as all of the others.Oh Bill you are amazing! Later Heather & Clyde stopped at Jenny’s for tea & watched Bill feed his baby. They were quite taken by what they saw. No clucker.

27th July. Bill’s out in the front garden all day with his baby in & around the hedge so I fed them there.The adult Bobbin seems to be around a lot today with his second baby. Two Woodpeckers in & out. My friend Nigel called in for a cup of tea & sitting in the garden room spotted a GREEN WOODPECKER high up in the tree’s!  the first time we have seen this here. Fantastic.

28th July. A few Blackbirds in the garden this morning but haven’t seen Bill.Haven’t seen Charlie or Clucker for a few day’s now. Wonder if they have decided to move on to new territory of their own Miss them a lot. Nick is on Bill watch but when I get home he still hasn’t been. Where are you Bill? Does eventually come alone & eats all the worms himself. That can only mean one thing. Baby Georgie ( we name them all boy/girl names until we know what they are!) is perhaps getting ready to leave.

29th July. Bill’s a little late today. Bobbin here several times. Not a great volume of any birds today. No Nut hatch either. Perhaps now  all the baby Gold & Green finches, Bluetits & coaltits, longtailed & great tits have all now grown confident & strong so  getting ready to move on. Hope we manage to keep some of everything though. The garden would not be the same without the flitting & chattering of our wonder wildlife. Bill comes for more meal-worms. He looks subdued 7 ragged now after having so many broods to care for. He must have had 6 (that’ll teach you my Billy boy!)

30th July. Bill’s been 4 times already this morning. He must still be feeding someone. The Bobbins have all been together. Mum & both babes. What a lovely sight. Would make a fab xmas card! We seem to have loads of Sparrows out the back now instead of the front garden. Perhaps there was just no room for them before.

31st July. Bill’s been already today & it’s only 6am. Someone’s hungry! A few of the usual birds arriving for their breakfast. Can’t believe another month has passed by.

I wonder what August will bring us. That we will have to wait & see, but I hope you enjoy reading this month as much as I have writing about it. Here’s to an interesting August!

Bye for now. Denise & Nick at 3 Byschool.