Rushlake Green Village Leaf

Birdlife Diary July 2014

by Denise and Nick

1st June.What a lovely morning.Billy’s here for breakfast  with his daughter Charlie; along with baby Bobin,the juvenile & dad woodpeckers hanging upside down on the cable. Probably waiting for a chance to eat the nuts which are always full of Blue Tits & finches in the early morning.Lots more babies around today.

2nd June. All seems well in the garden today. Looking pretty with lots of flowers blooming. The roses looking lovely. The normal cheeky Bill coming indoors telling me to hurry up with the mealworms as his babies are waiting for their breakfast. Nothing worse than being scolded by Bill!.

3rd June. Running out of mealworms today. Billy will not be happy! Will have to pull the door curtain & hide from his glaring eyes. So lovely to watch mums feeding their young hanging on the feeders. We have so many more than last year.

4th June. Thank goodness it’s Wednesday. Nick is off to pick up 4 boxes of mealworms. Billy’s driving me nuts. Yes Billy I can hear you and yes Billy I CAN see you! I’m off to work. Saw my first Jay of the year. They don’t come very often, I think because there are so many other birds in the garden. Very colourful with their bright blue wings.Woody in & out of the trees, swooping down to get some nuts. A very happy Billy at supper time tonight. Bet Nicks given him tons of worms all day! He does sing so beautifully he brings tears to my eyes.

5th June. The garden is full of activity today.More babies I think. Woody with 2 babies, and saw my first baby Goldfinches. So tiny. Look very plain without their red caps. Bill in & out as usual for meal worms & Bobbins on the ground feeder. Bill & Charlie coming together in the evening & Sidney back today. Wonder where he’s been these past few day,s.

6th June. Nice morning. Sunny & bright.            Lots of singing going on in the garden today. They should be happy with so much food to eat and so much choice. Lucky birds! I’m so lucky to have so many to watch. They give us so much pleasure.

7th June. Woody very busy  in the garden today. Jenny & I am off to Wealden times fair. Weather not looking good but we will enjoy our selves regardless! Sorry Bill but Nick will look after you. After a down pour it was a lovely sunny day Amongst other things a bought a pretty bird water bowl on a pole for the front garden. Hope they like it.Nick told me we have another brood of Blue Tits & that he had also seen a couple of baby Dunnucks.We had spotted a pair of adults around recently so very happy with that news.Nut hatch on the ground feeder for ages today.

8th June. Lovely morning.Garden full of birds chirping away.Billy arrived very early & has already had 4 lots of meal worms,followed by             Charlie & Sidney. Woody & young in & around the garden. One of the 2 babies is quite verbal when it lands on the nut feeders. Never heard that before. I  wonder if it’s a warning to other birds.

9th June. More baby Blue Tits today. So many little fluff balls! They have no fear of us humans & just carry on eating. We have got so close to them, which is fantastic to see their colours & markings. They are quite vivid.Bobbins are in & out of the ground feeder most of the morning.Alive  with gold finches this afternoon. Of course Bill’s here all through most of the time!Looking very stormy. Wonder if we might have rain tonight.

10th June. We have more baby Blue Tits here again today. I think we must have the entire population in our garden! I love the way they flex their tiny wings before buzzing around.Nick thinks Billy has another nest over the hedge, so when Bill came to fill up his beak with meal worms we watched him ,& sure enough he snuck through & we heard a very gentle clucking the other side.We peeped through & saw this beautifull baby on the ground in the ivy, Bill feeding the worms to him. This happened several times during the early evening. So Bill you have got more. I wonder how many more!.Watch this space.

11th June. All the usual birds flitting around the garden.On my way out the front door & saw Bills new baby sitting on top of the hedge with Bill watching with eager eyes on the ground so I came back to get a pot of meal worms to feed them both.He/she was very happy & Bill clucked away as rushed off to work. Such a lovely sight at 6.40 in the morning.They were around for most of the morning Nick informed me later. No doubt I will see them soon.

12th June. Billy still very active feeding his brood. Nick spotted Bill with a different baby on top of the summerhouse at lunchtime. Think it must be a sibling of the one that spends it’s time in the front garden.I wonder if there are more from this brood! Still lots of Blue Tits/ finches & the Dunnucks around feeding their young.Roses dropping petals really early. What a shame.

13th June. Bills waiting for me at at the front door this morning. I could here the soft clucking of his baby in the hedge so went to fetch the meal worms for Bill to feed him/her. What shall we call this one. Lots of activity when I opened the patio doors to put the ground feeder out.( I take it in at night to hopefully discourage rats and as the Autumn comes remove the other feeders as it gets dark, as I’m normally around before the birds in the morning to put them back out) Looks like a nice day so far. Bill comes many times today. Charlie also about as are many Blue Tits.

14th June. Sunshine & cloud today.Lots of Blackbirds in the garden. Billy of course, one of his new babies staying very close to him & Bertha’s son, who we haven’t seen for a while. Charlie down the bottom, staying well away from dad,then Bertha who totally upsets everyone! Bill fly’s at her shouting. Exit Bertha & Bertha’s son! Poor Bill’s baby sits quivering under the plants! Lots of Blue Tits & finches around.

15th June. Busy day in the garden with all the usual birds. Bill’s made his presence known, back & forth feeding his brood. Charlie has popped in & out as has Bobbin & baby Bobbin.

16th June. Bill around a lot with his beautiful chick from the front garden to the back. You cant fool me Billy Boy! Still lots of Blue Tit baby’s around. Thought we might lost some of them by now, but I guess they’ve worked out where the food plentiful! Quick learners these baby birds.

17th June. Bills ready to catch my eye by sitting on the garden chair close to the window with that stare. Out go the meal worms             & of goes Bill, only to return seconds later. Give him several more in 3 lots but there he is again this time waiting outside the front door as I leave for work. How do you know my every move Bill???.He makes me smile! More worms then as I head up the path I here that soft clucking in the hedge. So it’s back to the front garden for Bill & his baby.

18th June. Saw an unidentified bird a few minutes  ago. Very dark colouring with a bit of red on it’s front & small like a Robin but think it had a red hat. Must look that one up. Bill around for breakfast. Bobbin to. Charlie here & getting quite tame coming up to the door & asking Nick  for her breakfast. He so adores her. She is very pretty.

19th June. My Sister Teresa came for lunch & brought us a French cooking vessel in cast iron that she found at the Ardingly  Antiques Fair. Ideal for a new bird bath! It is the perfect depth, has handles and is boat shaped with a pourer on one end. I was very pleased as my old galvanized trug has been re-sealed in the bottom so many times by Nick where its rusted it was difficult to clean out. Billy had other idea’s though. He hated it & refused to use it. One thing about Bill is he loves his bath.He’s worse than a child!

20th June. Lots of early birds this morning.Baby Blue Tits Finches & Coal Tits. Bobbin back & forth & of course Billy. Unkown male Blackbird in the garden. Watch out Bill!

21st June. Lovely morning. Billy had his baby under the front hedge early so fed them several times.So pretty. Charlie around a lot. Nick spoiled her with too many meal worms.Had to put the old trug back again today as Bill still wont us the new one. Oh Bill!.Maybe tomorrow!.

22nd June. Beautiful start to the day. Billy was waiting on the old trug when I opened the patio doors.Fed him then he flew off with a beak full for his baby. Such a caring dad. The Jay flew in briefly but left without eating. Bertha’s boy came ate & left 2 or 3 times. He always looks around him. Very nervous bird. So would I be with Bill around. He is very territorial & shoo’s off most of the bigger birds. Bless.

23rd June. Well tried again to remove the old trug but Bills not having any of it. One day it will just not be repairable. We’ll cross that bridge soon I feel. In the meantime happy bathing Bill! Charlie briefly hear for meal worms. Hope she’s not thinking of deserting us. Nick will be very sad.

24th June. Lots of activity today in the garden. Bill & baby fed together happily. Think it must be his last brood. I wonder how many will stay.Sidney doesn’t come now & Charlie is not so regular.New baby Sparrows flitting around the back garden. They are usually in the front. Sweet little fluff balls. Big down pour. Hail stones to. Everything looks fresher for it.

25th June. No Billy as yet this morning. Hope he’s ok. There seems to be many more Dracula’s children in the garden.( Jackdaws!} Whats going on? The Jay came again but didn’t stay & a Magpie sat on the overhead cable but one look from me & it took off again.Bertha’s son has flown down into the ground feeder.Have just spotted a new baby Blackbird trying to land on the summerhouse roof. Bertha’s boy has flown up to it and is feeding it. Guess who’s baby that is then!.They are so pretty when born. Lots of flecked brown markings, but quite portly. Bill is quite late but he will come. Where are you Bill? Well Bill did arrive but much later today. Wonder if that means anything.

26th June. Sunny morning. Bills wife has been for breakfast. She’s very shy. Not like Bill at all!.Oh here is Bill now.Woody flitting about for his nuts’Not seen him or the juve for a while. The baby Sparrows are learning already where all the feeders are. It’s great that we can give them a good start in their short little lives. Ours & Jenny’s gardens really are a fab & safe haven for them all.

27th June. A dull start. My Dad would be 89yrs. Today. He would have loved my garden., He had lots of birds in his to. Bill still not convinced about the new bath. Will take the trug away again & see what happens!.Charlie has been for meal worms today. Please stay around with us Charlie. Nick will be so happy if you do. Bertha’s boy here more this morning. Bobbins been today to with baby. So cute. Baby Sparrows doing well.

28th June. Bill’s here for breakfast as normal taking back a beak full of meal worms for his baby.I always say his baby but he must have more than one in his brood. I wonder where the others go after fledging the nest because he only ever brings the same one to feed in the garden.Um will think about that I’m off to a vintage fair. Bill’s back  soon after my return but not alone. He has brought his baby. Nick said he was here earlier with him. We’ve called him Bobby. Another gorgeous Blackbird. Well done Bill!.

29th June. Bill’s been this morning & Charlie is somewhere in the bushes. She wont come out until Bill has flown off but he knows she’s there so wont go in case we give her meal worms! Come on Bill she is your daughter & a beautiful one at that. Seen my Bobbin with her baby. He’s malting his baby feathers & his tiny breast is turning red! It would be lovely if they both stayed for the winter. Think of all the food you will be given Bobbins!.He now knows to show me that he’s here then I go out & put meal worms in the ground feeder & put the cover over so he can fly in & get them before any of the bigger birds come & eat them. Mum has taught him well. By the way’ Bills had a sniff at the new bath. We call it the French vessel!

30th June. Worked in the garden a lot today. All the birds in & out. Bill, Bobby,and guess who. Sidney passed by for some worms fresh out of the ground from my digging! Perhaps he likes them better than meal worms. Perhaps that’s why he went off! we are far from an experts on birds so that, we will probably never know! All I know is that we love them to bits and the pleasure they give us is worth more than words can say.. Stick with us birdies during the winter and we can guarantee that u will not go hungry. We will look after you well. And you Bill, WILL get to like that French Vessell !

Bye for now. From Denise & Nick. 3 Byschool Cottages.