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How to report a pothole in East Sussex

The repair of potholes and eroded sections of our local roads is the responsibility of East Sussex County Council.

But the County Council teams can only act when they know there is a problem. They need us to let them know where the potholes are appearing.

How you can help

You can report a pothole by phoning East Sussex County Council on 0345 60 80 193

But the easiest, and most effective, method is to report a pothole online, as there is a handy page where you can mark the location of the pothole on a map. Simply go to the East Sussex County Council website and follow the links on the front page to report "Roads, paths and verges" .

Or you can simply click the link below to go straight to the relevant section.

and click Road – pot holes and general condition

The ESCC website is a bit cluncky but the process is fairly simple. It asks you to locate the pothole, provide some details and if possible upload a picture, so it's worth going out with your camera or phone to take a snap first.

- Type in your postcode or the location of the pothole

- Click ther arrows to move around the map until you're in roughly the right place

- Then click on the map to zoom in (3 times) until you see "Click map to locate fault" above the map

- Clicking the map will mark a star (if you cancel it will go back to the beginning so best to be sure before you mark the pothole)

- When you have entered your details and finished, you will get a reference number

If you then want to check up on progress with the pothole you've reported, you can call County Council quoting the reference.

Using the same link above, you can also report other problems in a similar way.