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July / August 2015

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11th July - 20th Sept East Sussex Open at Towner, Eastbourne
18th July - Heathfield Summer Concert, Heathfield Community Centre
18th & 19th July - Walled Garden Music Festival, Brightling Park
25th July - Warbleton & Dist Hort. & Poultry Society Flower and Produce Show
25th July - Following the Flower Show - Crystal Clear
26th July - Warbleton Brass Band Proms on the Green
May, June, July Turners House open garden

31st July to 2nd Aug - Chilled in a Field festival
May, June, July Turners House open garden
7th, 8th, 9th August. Forgotten Fields festival
8th August - Bodle Street Green 56th Annual Flower Show
14th August - Rude Mechanicals, Babbi Babbett
22nd August - Porchlight Smoker, Bodle Street Green village hall

The Flower Show

We're all eagerly looking forward to the 81st Warbleton and District Horticultural and Poultry Society Annual Flower and Produce Show (WDHPSAFPS81). The Flower Show on Rushlake Green, on 25th July 2015 will doubtless, as always, attract a tremendous number of superb entries from Glamorous Gladioli to Magnificent Marrows and Jellicious Jams. The weather forecast predicts sunny intervals for the weekend, so fingers crossed for a fine day for the Rushlake Green Flower Show. Regular participants will know that they need to arrive early in order to get their exhibits perfectly presented in time for adjudication the deadline - or risk the wrath of the judges.


After-Flower Show

The Warbleton and District Horticultural and Poultry Society has also organised a musical evening in the marquee, following the Flower Show, featuring the Crystal Clear country harmony duo. The marquee will be open from 7.30pm. Its a picnic affair, with tickets from The Strores, the Horse and Groom or Gill Snook.


Hampers and Champers on the Green

The tremendously popular Proms on the Green, with the Warbleton Brass Band and the magnificent opera singer Sidonie Winter, takes place as usual on the evening after the flower show. Bring your own picnic, chairs, blankets and of course plenty of union jacks to wave.

No tickets required. Retiring collection.
Sunday 26th July 6.00pm on Rushlake Green - in the marque if weather requires.


Best of the Fest(ivals)

The Forgotten Fields festival is punching considerably above its weight, with a set list that includes Super Furry Animals, Basement Jaxx, Razorlight, The Horrors, Public Service Broadcasting and British Sea Power. But our particular favorite this year is the Chilled in a Field festival which looks like a great all-round event for all ages with a host of events and activities.

Elsewhere, there is no shortage of tribute events such as the Walled Garden festival and the Heathfield Summer Concert.

Porchlight are smokin back into town

Closer to home, we highly recommend Porchlight Smoker - last seen in their very successful stint at the White Horse Folk Club last year - back by popular demand for a gig at the Bodle Street Village Hall, on Saturday 22nd August 2015. 'Roots, folk and Americana' falls very far short of describing this very talented group, each of whom seem to be able to play dozens of innumerable instruments whilst all singing in brilliant harmony throughout. This all adds up to a very relaxed and entertaining mash-up of music and banter. It's a 'bring your own food and drink' event which should only add to the atmosphere of fun. These guys are seriously good. Check out Porchlight Smoker on facebook.  The Smokers will be supported by various regulars from the Folk Club, who will contribute throughout the evening. Tickets and info from Chris Liddiard on 07815 815644


Open Art Soundtrack  

Local artist Chris Liddiard performed live, at the Private View of the East Sussex Open show, the music that is the soundtrack to his painting at the exhibition.

Chris is one of the artists who have been selected to exhibit at the 'East Sussex Open 2015' exhibition at the Towner Gallery Eastbourne, which brings together "the best artists and makers from across the East Sussex region". Chris's existential piece comprises a painting which comes complete with its own soundtrack on mpeg player - a song he wrote and recorded - about painting the picture on show in the gallery. The exhibition is worth going to as it spans everything from interactive installations (car above) to paintings, ceramics and photography.


CPR skills save a young life

The efforts by our local ResuscitUs campaign to get more local defibrillators and local CPR training were drawn in to sharp focus recently with news of the dramatic CPR rescue of a young person in Uckfield, as reported on the front page of the Sussex Express. After their son was rushed to hospital following a cardiac arrest, the grateful parents paid tribute to the swift action of the staff member: "The school nurse performed CPR on Josh for about 20-25 minutes - she saved his life. The consultants at the hospital all said how lucky it was she was there because there have been other cases where nobody has been able to perform CPR and it's ended up so much worse".

This story was a salutary reminder that cardiac arrest can effect people of all ages, making it really important for as many people as possible to learn CPR, and more rural communities to have access to local defibrillators. With defibrillators now successfully installed in Rushlake Green and Bodle Street Green, ResuscitUs is currently completing plans to provide AEDs for Three Cups Corner and Punnetts Town. When the these defibrillators are installed there will be a further CPR Know How session. We will let you know. Meanwhile you can follow ResuscitUs on Facebook or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it if you want to know more, get involved or donate.

Rude welcome

The brilliant open-air theatre troup Rude Mechanicals will be back at the green in August. They told us this:
"We are sure you will be pleased to hear that The Rudes are on the road again this summer and our production of The Comedy of Babi Babbett is being very well received. We will be performing it in Rushlake Green on Friday 14th August. We hope we will see you there, or at one of our other venues. There are loads to choose from as you will see on our website -" This event is always very well attended. As the show goes on until quite late, it's advisable to bring blankets etc, along with your chairs, drinks, picnic etc. for what promises to be a night of ribald humour and enchanting musicianship as the sun sets behind the green. Tickets from The Stores, Rushlake Green or online.


Final Chapter

We were saddened recently to learn that Heathfield Art and Books was to close - and now has. We'd like to pay homage to the excellent contribution that this friendly and inviting bookshop made to the high street over the years it was in business.

Janet and Fiona were both always a source of great wisdom and inspiration on all things bookish and artful, and any books they didn't have in stock were ordered-in with a knowledge and an alacrity that would put amazon to shame. It is sad that the remorseless migration of customers from real shops and real books to online suppliers and digital reading makes it very difficult for a small bookshop to see today any long term sustainable future on the high street. It's our loss, and as shoppers unfortunately it is our collective fault. Anyway, well done again Janet and Fiona for all you've done to help so many people find interesting reads, and all the creative local people you've helped and supported - and the best of luck with your future ventures. Let's just hope that, for the health of our high street, the bookshop is replaced by something other than yet another charity shop, nail bar or fast food takeaway.


Open Garden

Christopher Miscampbell and Julia Padbury continue to open their gardens ( Turners House Open Garden ) by prior appointment  throughout June and July.


Focalisimo competition - Winning photo

Congratulations to Shirley Austin for 'Spring Leaves Neon', the winning entry to our 'Focalisimo' photo competition on the theme of "Nature close up". Ideas for future competition themes to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . In the meantime please send your pictures of the Rushlake Green flower show, or share them on Rushlake Green Village Leaf on facebook.



Previously on Green Shoots . . . . . . . .



Big Lunch - Magnificent turnout

Rushlake Green's Big Lunch exceeded all expectations. On a day of blissfully glorious weather, more than 180 people joined in the fun. As well as residents of Rushlake Green, Warbleton and the surrounding area, it was great also to welcome so many of those with a strong connection to the village.

Preparations started at 7.00am with closing the road, diverting the traffic, setting up the 50 metre lunch table and putting up the bunting. As the work got underway, the Big Lunch team were joined by a band of willing helpers. A big thanks to Keith, David, Mike, Alison, Hillary, Ian, Isabel, Tim, Jim, Corrie, Dave and many others involved in the set-up; to Jonathan for supplying PA throughout; to Mark for some great photos as the day progressed; to Bobby and Rohani for promoting the tickets and to Wouter and Stephanie of the Horse and Groom for helping to keep the drinks flowing throughout the lunch.

Huge thanks also for the musical entertainment from the Warbleton Brass Band, Chris Liddiard, David Logan and special guests the Tswings Jazz band who stayed for an extra day after their gig at the Horse and Groom to entertain the Big Lunch before returning home to Holland.

This was a wonderful opportunity to get together informally, share a picnic, meet friends and celebrate our great community. Thank you to everyone who spent extra time preparing delicious things for the communal table. Thanks again to all those who donated such amazing raffle prizes, and thanks also to everyone who so generously supported the draw which raised an amazing £700+ for The Chestnut Tree Children's Hospice. But mainly well done to everyone there, for joining in and making it such a memorable day.

Not to forget the Big Lunch team for whom this was the culmination of several months planning, preparation and hard work. We should particularly congratulate Louise Philps who's idea this was, and who led the team - Bill, Lynne, Karen, Nigel, Denise and herself (below) - to a big success.

And a final thanks to all those who stayed behind to help clear up.

See you next year?


Rushlake Green defibrillator installed

Latest The Rushlake Green ResuscitUs Defibrillator (AED) has arrived and is now in place on Osborne House.

The cabinet was installed, on the front of Osborne House, by local electrician Michael Davis ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ), and now the defibrillator (AED) has arrived and has been put in place. Whilst a number of local people attended our Know How session in May (see below), you do not need training to use a defibrillator. In an emergency, when you call 999, the emergency services will tell you what to do. But here are the basics:

If someone has collapsed and stopped breathing:

- Call anyone nearby to give you some help

- Get someone to call 999 for an ambulance, or make the call yourself

- If you or another bystander have done CPR Know How, start chest compressions at around 100 per minute

(if no-one nearby has any training, the ambulance service can offer CPR instructions over the phone)

- Ask someone to fetch the defibrillator (AED) from the yellow cabinet on Osborne House

- Take the defibrillator (AED) out of the orange bag and switch it on. It will then automatically give you instructions on what to do. You should continue doing chest compressions until the AED tells you to pause so the defibrillation can be applied. It may then ask you to start compressions again.

- Continue providing CPR (chest compressions) and defibrillation until the ambulance arrives

L: Nelson and Alan  R: AED Cabinet

This is the second defibrillator installed by the local ResuscitUs community campaign, the first being in Bodle Street Green. Further AEDs are planned for Three Cups Corner, Punnetts Town, Cade Street and Old Heathfield over the coming months. The Rushlake Green defibrillator has been paid for by generous donations from local residents, a community dividend from Wealden District Council and a grant from Warbleton Parish Council.

If you missed our Know How session in May, but would like to learn about CPR and defibrillation, give us your details (email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ) and we will try to get you on a future session. The next one will probably be at Punnetts Town Village Hall. Follow ResuscitUs on Facebook. Latest: ResuscitUs Newsletter


CPR training 

The recent ResuscitUs CPR and defibrillator Know How session in the DVH proved very successful with more than 90% of those attending agreeing it was "very useful". The majority admitted that prior to the session they lacked any confidence to help someone suffering a cardiac arrest. As a result of the Know How session 96% now felt either moderately or very confident that they would be help in a cardiac arrest victim, and a remarkable 44% left saying they now felt "very confident" to act in an emergency. So a huge thank you to Tim Fellows from SECAmb, along with the Heathfield Community First Responders, for volunteering to run the session and provide the demonstrations.  You can follow ResuscitUs on Facebook and Twitter.


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The Stores

The Village Leaf community website was borne out of the local campaign to save the original village shop when it was threatened with closure. Since then we have championing The Stores, and encouraged everyone living locally to use it (or we'll lose it).


This community campaign was created to get publicly accessible defibrillators, and local CPR training, for the communities of Rushlake Green, Bodle Street Green, Three Cups Corner, Punnetts Town, Cade Street and Old Heathfield. Great progress has been achieved already, but there's still plenty to do. If you'd be willing to make a donation, or if you'd be interested to know more, email Nigel McKeeman via or follow on Facebook or Twitter. For latest progress click ResuscitUs Newsletter

Parish Council

Our Parish Council is the first port of call for resolving many local issues. And where a problem can't be resolved locally, the Parish Council regularly liaise with WDC and our local Wealden District Councillor; and with ESCC and our local County Councillor. Members of the public are welcome to attend the regular Parish Council meetings and Parish Planning Committee meetings. Council contacts and meeting dates on


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